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It's Easy!

1. Register your business with Chicago Fitness Training.
Register your business here!

2. Receive a confirmation email with a link to your unique brochure
Each brochure has a tracking-coded coupon that is unique to your business and guarantees that you get the credit!

3. Recommend Chicago Fitness Training to everyone you meet!
Pass along a Chicago Fitness Training brochure or have a stack at your checkout.

4. Cash your commission check for every referral that purchases a personal training package.
We take payment at their first appointment. Earn 10% commission on their initial purchase, and 3% residual income on any future purchases.

Making money couldn't be easier!

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Your small business is your baby! It takes commitment and nurturing care to grow it.

Everyone wants their company to be successful. The best ways to do this are to maximize profits and reduce costs. Entrepeneurs and small-business owners look for advantages over their competitors and benefits for their clientele. You can earn commission on every interaction by referring your customers to Chicago Fitness Training for their wellness needs. Open a residual income stream on current and former clients that sign up for any package with our on-site personal trainers. There is no membership fee to join the network. Join now!

You and your employees meet with customers and clients all day long. It's time to leverage those daily interactions! Increase your profitability by earning a referral commission in return for mentioning our services. With Chicago Fitness Training; you earn more without doing anything extra. Everyone wants to look and feel better! Just mention our services when they bring up an interest in fitness or in hiring a personal trainer; and get rewarded for your small talk and good advice. Everyone wins with Chicago Fitness Training!

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