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It's Easy!

1. Register your business with Chicago Fitness Training.
Register your business here!

2. Receive a confirmation email with a link to your unique brochure
Each brochure has a tracking-coded coupon that is unique to your business and guarantees that you get the credit!

3. Recommend Chicago Fitness Training to every client that should exercise.
Pass along a Chicago Fitness Training brochure or have a stack at your checkout.

4. Cash your commission check for every referral that purchases a personal training package.
We take payment at their first appointment. Earn 15% commission on their initial purchase and 3% residual income on any of their future purchases.

Making money couldn't be easier!

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Chicago Fitness Training will help you to increase your bottom line, increase your client retention and improve your success rate!

Exercise is a vital component in the recovery of many injuries and illnesses. Chicago Fitness Training's In-home personal trainers will come to your client's residence* to guide and encourage them in the completion of their prescribed exercise regimen. Every Chicago Fitness Training personal trainer is certified and insured.

You earn commission on each client that purchases a personal training package. Open a residual income stream on current and former clients that continue on any program with Chicago Fitness Training providers. Increase your success rate by getting results; and improve client retention with an approved dialogue about follow-up visits that occurs at the conclusion of every personal training package. And there is no need to worry about violation of the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute, our services are not part of the federal health care program business.

With Chicago Fitness Training; you can offer all of the benefits of a personal training department to your clients without any of the hassles. No need to allocate space, no need to go through a costly hiring process, just pure profit added to your bottom line.

Everyone wins with Chicago Fitness Training!