What do I need for in-home training?
All you need is a space to move. A minimum space is 6' by 8' with enough clearance above to reach your hands over your head. A typical living room will work if small furniture such as a coffee table can be moved to the side of the room.
What if I am not sure that I have enough space to train?
When your trainer comes for your initial consultation and movement screen, they will help you evaluate your space to confirm that it is sufficient.
What if I do not have a space to train?
If you do not have a space to train, your trainer will discuss alternative training locations, such as the local parks or private studios in your area. If you and your trainer cannot find a suitable location, you will only be charged for your movement screen.
What happens if I pay for a personal training package and then find out I do not have space?
You are not charged for your personal training package until after you meet with your trainer for your initial consultation. If you cannot find a suitable training location, you will only be charged for the consultation and movement screen.