Welcome to Chicago Fitness Training

You have the passion!

You put in the work!

You have the knowledge!

You deserve to be rewarded!

At Chicago Fitness Training, we feel that you deserve to be fairly rewarded for the value of your services; by an INCREASING PAY SCALE for clients that keep coming back, and a COMMISSION on both signups and referrals to any other services that your client wants.

Remember, you are more than what your job title says you are. You are a life coach; a motivator and guide on the journey that we all must go through. Your skill and passion for what you do will help a great number of people to lead longer, more enjoyable, and more fulfilling lives.

Join the team to:

Join the Wellness Revolution!
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Fill unused time slots and Retain your independence!

Train Chicago Fitness Training Clients and Earn!
**$30-$85 for every session**

Variable pay scale is based upon customer's purchase.
Earn even more when they come back!

You choose your hours, service area/location, and what services you will provide (a certification is required for every service). We do the marketing to get the clients you want, when you want them. You can even earn commission by referring potential clients that do not fit your schedule to our other team members!

All you need:

  • Current Training Certification

  • Current CPR Certification

  • Sign a Non-Solicitation Agreement

At Chicago Fitness Training, we are building a network to fill a need within the fitness industry. Gyms provide a place to provide your services, but they charge a high premium and often have additional demands. They leave you wondering if it is all worth it.

Trading one gym for another barely improves the situation. You are faced with a choice: Leave the industry or become independent. So you bide your time, hone your craft, and build up your client roster. When the math makes sense, you lease your own studio or sign on at a trainer gym. You become your own boss as an independent personal trainer.

The next few months are great. You finally get the fair market value for your services. You help clients and they see results; clients come and go. But they get harder and harder to replace. You are stuck with holes in your schedule and no good way to fill them. Independence has its privileges, but it also has its drawbacks. Advertising is expensive and ineffective when trying to fill specific time slots.

Chicago Fitness Training solves that problem for you. We advertise to Chicago and its suburbs on behalf of your business. Simply declare your central location or service area, along with time slots that you need filled. Our marketing efforts come at no overhead cost, all we ask is a share of the margin. You can even earn 10% commission on any potential client that does not fit your availability by referring them to another team member!
Join the Winning Team!